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Old Mill Building in Milford The Wenstrup Company is located in the "Old Mill Building" in Historic Milford

The "Old Mill Building" was built circa 1840 by John Kugler as a whiskey warehouse. It was originally connected to 220 Mill Street (also a whiskey warehouse of the same type structure) by a wooden chute. In 1902 Byron Terwillegar housed a blacksmith's shop in a little building between the two mills. On January 1,1920 a fire destroyed 220 Mill, the blacksmith's shop and the connecting chute, leaving 228 Mill to stand alone.

The "Old Mill" is one of numerous buildings built of stone by John Kugler during the 1800's. The library in Old Milford is also housed in a historic Kugler stone structure. The Old Mill has housed many businesses over the last 80 years and is now (according to the Building Owners Managers Association) one of only two buildings in Cincinnati on the Historic Register, which has been renovated for office space.

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